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Nicce Berlines







Nury Olivares


Nury supplies the market with South American and Health Food.
” I am continuing with the theme and belief I have used in all my years in the food industry.”
” Food for Thought-made with health in mind-without sacrificing taste.”
Some of Nurys range:
Empanadas (Baked)
Beef Mince
Chicken & Mushroom
Empanadas (Fried)
Ham & Cheese
Pedre- Salsa
Completos- Chilean Hot Dogs
Sopaipillas- Pumpkin Fritters
Calzones Rotos- Chilean soft biscuit
Berlines- Chilean doughnut filled with custard, caramel or jam
Chocolate, Carrot and Apple Cakes


Phone:027 2707953

Market open Sundays

7:30am - 1pm Winter, 7:30am - 2pm Summer.

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The market is located on the corner of Cable St & Barnett St beside Te Papa.

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