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Tony Jung Farms

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Stallholder: Tony and Queenie Jung


Tony and his family are well known within the market for their fresh, high quality vegetables and their friendly helpful service. Tony’s family originally came from Guangdong Province in the south of China to Levin where they produce the majority of vegetables they sell at the market.

Like the other 9 fruit and vegetable growers at the market, Tony and his family every Sunday morning pack up their truck and leave their farm at 3.00am laden with fruit and vegetable for their Wellington customers. Tony had been the co-ordinator for the Harbourside Market Food Partnership programme way back in its infancy. Since then Harbourside Market has partnered with Kaibosh Food Rescue and at the end of the market, fruit and vegetables are donated by the growers to the this Food Rescue Charity. The generosity of the growers involved is sometimes overwhelming. Tony is a great and helpful source of information about fruit and vegetables so always feel free to discuss with him how to pick the best vegetables, what vegetables are in season, how to store vegetables and how to cook the different varieties.  Go and visit Tony when you come down to the market on Sunday. You will not be disappointed.


Phone: 06 368 2618 / 027 5544398 / 021 1021789

Email: tqcahome@hotmail.com

Market open Sundays

7:30am - 1pm Winter, 7:30am - 2pm Summer.

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The market is located on the corner of Cable St & Barnett St beside Te Papa.

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